Bering strait international ideas competition

  We have set up a project in three stages to create an awareness of the potential of Bering Strait [...]
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Green Light of Gadeokdo

This proposal describes our response to the sustainable development of Gadeokdo. We propose a truly robust society with a combination [...]
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Fargo competition: The compact community

There is not a single strategy to achieve a successful neighborhood development but a combination of many. This competition entry identifies potential components of a new strategy for neighborhood planning. The planning principles include new layers of green infrastructure, community involvement, energy resourcefulness, and programming in relation to context and climate. This project takes the US Bank site as a case study for urban rehabilitation and densification. The location of the site at one of the city’s most central locations, and the character of a town center, has inspired this project to create a compact 24-hour neighborhood with housing, workplaces, services and entertainment.
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